News 【Announcement】 Huxi Line Bus Newly Debuted
The Penghu County Government launched Taiwan’s Haoxing Ma Gong Lake West Line on July 1. In order to create marketing benefits and shape the brand of Penghu Hao Xing, the Tourism Office specially designed and launched an exclusive Hao Xing bus dedicated to the Huxi Line. It has been completed a few days ago and appeared super eye-catching. At the same time, in order to improve the service quality of Penghu Hao Xing, passengers are encouraged to take it from now on People in Penghu Haohang can enter the lottery by filling out the online questionnaire.
According to the Tourism Office, the Huxi line is a new route for Penghu. In order to strengthen the public's sightseeing image of this route, it combines elements such as sea turtles, beaches, oceans and popular attractions, Lintou Shell Church, to design and launch a Santaihu West Line-style good travel bus . The Haoxing bus can not only take you to the west of the lake easily, but it is also one of the best choices for you to take pictures of this route.
The Huxi line uses cruise-style departures, one bus a day, and provides guided tour and commentary services. Along the way, it passes through the popular attractions of Magong City on the main island of Penghu and Huxi Township, including the Penghu Visitor Center (next to the Peng Management Office) and Lintou Shell There are 7 locations including churches, Longmen locked positions, Guoye Ash Kiln, Nanliao Community, Beiliao Kuibi Mountain and Qingluo Wetland. At the same time, from August 1, 109 to June 30, 110, an English-speaking tour guide service will be arranged on the 5th and 20th of each month. People are welcome to invite their relatives and friends to take the Penghu Hao Xing bus and enjoy Penghu!
In addition, in order to understand the satisfaction of tourists taking Penghu Hao Xing on the new official website, ticket purchase channels, and two route planning, as a reference basis for improving the service quality of Penghu Hao Xing, the county government also handled passenger online questionnaires. From August 1, 109 to June 10, 110, people who travel in Penghu are welcome to fill out the online ride satisfaction questionnaire to participate in the lottery. The "Turtle Guardian Bag", designed and produced by Haolibo and the County Family Support Center, is made of second-hand clothes and stitched by hand. It is an environmentally friendly and practical souvenir. It is expected to be on the last day of each month. (Holidays are postponed to the first working day) 15 lucky winners will be randomly selected to get 1 "Turtle Guardian Bag".
For people who have been in the car from August 1, 109 to September 15, 109, the Tourism Office will provide questionnaires by email; for those who travel from September 16, 109 to June 10, 110, Please complete the online filling before the end of the tour on the day.
In order to make it easier for people to buy tickets and travel, they can now go through the official website of Penghu Haoxing, convenience store (7-11, Family Mart, Lair Fu), KKDAY official website, Coke Tourism official website, Lions Tourism official website, and Penghu County Bus Terminal, etc. You are welcome to buy tickets through the channel, and people are welcome to buy tickets and make reservations! For more information, please visit the official website of "Penghu Hao Xing" ( or Facebook "Penghu Hao Xing" Fan page.