News 【Announcement】🎉AutumnWinter Travel Celebrate Double 11# Travel to PenghuTaiwan to send gifts
✅Activities expected: from November 11, 109 to December 31, 109
(The number of gifts is limited, and the activity will end as soon as they are delivered).
heartEvent gifts: Hexagonal coasters (limited to 50 copies, total of the two routes).
mailActivity method
1. Purchase "Penghu Taiwan Travel Two-day Pass".
2. And indeed "Take Penghu well (North Loop Line and Huxi Line").
3. After taking the Penghu Taiwan trip
Provide the boarding date (counting from November 11, 109 for passengers) + a name certificate to the editor via Facebook Penghu Haoxing Private Message
4. Upon confirmation by the organizer (it is estimated to take three working days), one hexagonal coaster will be given away.