News 【Announcement】Fireworks 20 Tour Peng take a good trip to send fireworks exquisite masks
#Fireworks 20 You Peng set up a good line to send fireworks exquisite mask
Penghu Haoxing bus, combined with Penghu International Maritime fireworks festival, launched "fireworks 20 exquisite mask" ~ (wow ~)
✍ Design concept: the background color is blue and purple to create a gradual sense of the ocean, and the above pattern is matched with elements such as Xiying Hongqiao, Qimei Double Heart Stone Shanghai, fireworks 20 and Haoxing logo. The fireworks blooming on the decoration is to hope that everyone can come to Penghu to have a good trip and celebrate the fireworks!
❤️ From April 25 to June 30, as long as you take any route of Penghu Haoxing bus # Magong north ring line # Magong lake west line, you can send 1 fireworks mask in, until it is finished!
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