Product number:P0000100000029

Two-day ticket_Beihuan+ Huxi

  • Suggested price

  • NT$ 680

  • Promotional pricing

  • NT$ 680

  • Product specifications

    • Non-Penghu
    • Penghu Resident Ticket
    • Senior ticket
    • Disabled ticket
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Payment method
  • ATM 轉帳
  • LINE Pay

Traveling in Taiwan-Ma Palace‧North Loop One Day Pass
Use period: from July 1, 109 to June 30, 110
Instructions for riding:
1. Hold this ticket and still be sure to make a reservation online. The reservation website:
2. When passengers board the bus, they need to cooperate with the digital QR CODE and paper check on the bus, and prepare relevant household registration certificates or identity
The originals of the supporting documents, etc., and the Fuli driver checks the identity.
3. Passengers who purchase preferential tickets, please abide by the relevant purchase regulations and present the required supporting documents when checking the tickets.
4. Unlimited free rides on Penghu County buses (except private buses) on the day before, on the day, and the day after the ride.
Cancellation of ticket purchase:
1. If the passenger needs to refund the ticket, please contact the channel where the ticket was originally purchased, and proceed in accordance with the regulations of each channel.
2. Refund fees are subject to the regulations of each channel.
3. Passengers who purchased tickets in Penghu Taiwan Hao Xing, please make a refund on the official website, the refund will be deducted 15% of the handling fee and bear the responsibility
Pay for the refund of the refund.
4. Overtime tickets will not be refunded.
Contact hotline: 02-25815123
Line: Customer Service: @845izxyb