• Best Travel Agency

    The best season team will provide you with super-quality quality and service to sell domestic and foreign air tickets, accommodations, car and ferry tickets, self-service itinerary planning, group itinerary planning and handling, mainland transit, and small three links services. The best I.D tour is my holiday tour bus. Welcome to contact the agency and line number!
  • Dream Tribe Pavilion

    This project designs two board games for testing and development for different markets. Educational aids are currently a trend that local governments want to work hard on, while strategic board games are the development of board games with pure commercial considerations. Drawing and testing the market response will greatly reduce the company’s operating costs. It also plans a social feedback mechanism for the design and development of educational assistive board games. It will provide use and teaching by elementary and middle school teachers and Penghu social welfare units. It is hoped that board game education can help more Many families and children can learn in happiness, and teachers can have new media for teaching. In addition to external promotion, strategic board games will also be promoted to Penghu homestays and hotel operators, providing tourists with access to Penghu Possibility of local board games.

  • Shepherd Cafe

    The story is that two shepherd sisters, Pearl & Pinky, who helped at home since childhood, run a special cafe together after returning to their hometown. We hope that we can use our little efforts to promote the local customs of Penghu Erkan settlement and make everyone come. People traveling here can have a leisurely and comfortable environment after stopping. We provide refreshing drinks and Italian-style coffee. The interior and meals are currently being added. Please wait and see. We will continue to work hard. .
  • White Bay Restaurant

    Baiwan View Restaurant is located on the Golden Beach of Lintou. It offers a variety of Penghu seafood steaks, pasta, baked, muffins, fried food and various beverages. When you enjoy the food, you will see the endless The golden beach and the blue ocean satisfy your vision and taste. Are you excited? Come and enjoy such a leisurely and comfortable dining time!
  • Kikuguang Souvenir

    "Chrysanthemum Souvenirs" is a souvenir shop focusing on clothing. There are a lot of shells, accessories, etc., which are very suitable for setting shots as small props.
  • Penghu Uncles Souvenir Shop

    Professional and complete production equipment and processes are matched with strictly educated and trained operators. After the quality control personnel do the final quality control, the Penghu Bo series leisure products will be delivered to your hands, with a new generation of innovative development, and develop consumers Penghu Bo leisure products.
  • Free Ice City

    It has been decades since the founding store of Penghu Cactus Ice. It has been continuously developing various kinds of ice products with Penghu flavor. Not only is it popular with locals, but tourists are also well-known for its bees. The store also has cactus juice wholesale, welcome to love. Those who eat ice, come and taste it.
    The Three Treasures of Penghu: Fengru, Aloe, Cactus
  • Fisherman Cai

    Fisherman Cai is a native-born worker returning home. He uses Penghu hand-made noodles as his main product to promote and inherit the most primitive and natural taste! Come on, let us plunge into the world of noodles together!
  • Dream Homestay

    A dream homestay with affordable but top-notch accommodation facilities and butler service
    In the summer, it provides travelers who have a fulfilling itinerary with top-level sleep enjoyment, fast charging and restoring energy
    As we enter the autumn and winter, travelers slow down
    In the autumn, it is best to stay in the room or lobby of the Dream B&B and enjoy the facilities lazily.
    Or in the early morning or evening, walk for five minutes to the seaside next to the homestay and let the sea heal your body and mind quietly
    At night, you can see the night view of the cross-sea bridge at the homestay, and you can see the sky full of stars when you look up
  • Rock coffee

    The introduction of Penghu's characteristic landscape and basalt are very rich and detailed. Penghu University of Science and Technology and the Penghu County Government’s industry-university cooperation plan the most effective space for the free space here. Here we have established a "teaching practice field" with the theme of coffee.