News [Announcement] Penghu Taiwan Hao Xing Adds
This year, Penghu Haohang has launched two routes, "Walking the Charm North Ring" and "Walking at Wenhu West". Each route has its own characteristics. The on-board guide is rich in professionalism and attracts many people to experience riding.
The Penghu County Government also announced that from September 4th, seniors over 65, persons with disabilities and their necessary companions will enjoy a 50% discount on the original fare when travelling on Penghu Hao Trip!
According to the Tourism Office, this year Penghu Haohang has created new routes, established a new website, expanded ticket sales channels, increased ticket types, and provided ticket discounts for people with different needs, which means that they hope to break away from the past and provide tourists of different identities and age groups. , Diversified choices in tourism and transportation, so as to drive the sales volume of Penghu Hao trip tickets and increase the Penghu Hao trip loading rate.
In addition to the "North Loop Line One Day Pass" and the "Huxi Line One Day Pass", the transportation coupons also offer a "Two Day Pass" concession ticket for one-ticket travel on two routes. Each ticket includes a non-Penghu national ticket, a Penghu national resident ticket, and a nationwide senior citizen and love ticket. Also, those with coupons must present the originals of relevant supporting documents to verify their identity.
Penghu Haohang Tickets can be purchased on the official website of Penghu Haohang, Convenience Supermarket (7-11, Family Mart, Lair Fu), KKDAY, Coke Tour, Lion Tour, and Penghu County Bus Terminal, etc. Now, people are welcome to buy tickets and make reservations. Penghu Hao Xing is the best choice for family travel! However, because Penghu is easy to travel on two routes, one bus per day, and the number of bus seats is limited, those who complete the ticket purchase on each lane must go to the official website of Penghu Haohang to complete the online seat reservation process!
Penghu Haohang website:
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[Announcement] Penghu Taiwan Hao Xing Adds