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1. Is there a deadline for Penghu Haohang?
Penghu Haohang shortens the effective date to June 30, 2021. Please make a reservation in advance.
2. How should passengers purchase tickets if they are non-Penghu nationalityPenghu nationality?
Click on the ticket itinerary, Penghu nationals and non-Penghu nationals respectively add to the shopping cart and enter the checkout to complete the ticket purchase.
3. Is there a ticket purchase on site? What are the ticket purchase channels?
Officials of Penghu Haohang have open on-site ticket purchases. The following are the ways to purchase tickets: Penghu Haohang's official website, 7-11, Family Mart, Lairfu, KKDAY, Lion Travel, Coke Travel, Magong Terminal Passenger Transport Center.
4. How to make sure there is a seat on the boarding date?
You can join Penghu Hao Xing LINE@ for inquiries. Penghu good trip LINE@: @845izxyb
1. How to make reservations for multiple passengers?
After the ticket purchase is completed, there will be a set of QR CODE, and you can pick up the ticket by showing the QR CODE when picking up the ticket.
The following is the download URL of the ticketing operation manual:
2. How to confirm whether the marking is successful?
You can join Penghu Hao Xing LINE@ for inquiries. Penghu good trip LINE@: @845izxyb
3. Is it possible to wait until the allocated date is full?
Appointment can be reserved, and the customer service staff will notify whether the standby is successful at 5:30 pm the day before departure.
4. When can I place a spot? Is there a time limit for allocation?
After booking the ticket, you can enter the seat allocation process, and you can make seat allocation and change the itinerary until 9 am on the day of departure. If there are more people, the registration system will be automatically closed, so please complete the registration as soon as possible.
5. How is the two-day ticket allocated?
Two-day tickets need to be allocated twice. The Huxi Line and Beihuan Line will be marked separately to complete the marking.
1. How to collect tickets? Where to pick up the tickets?
Show QR CODE to scan to get a ticket. The following is the ticket collection location:
Location 1: Penghu Airport Tourist Service Center
Business hours: 08:00-20:00
Location: Located on the first floor of Penghu Airport to the right of the exit of the station
Contact number: 06-9228115

Location 2: Jiaqi Travel Agency
Business hours: Monday to Saturday 08:30-18
: 00 Closed on Sunday Location: No. 65-1, Zhongshan Road, Magong City, Penghu County
Contact number: 06-9263035

Location 3: Magong Terminal Passenger Transport Center
Business hours: 08:00-12:00 13
:30-17 :00 Location: 58-1 Minzu Road, Magong City, Penghu County
Contact number: 06-9272376
2. How to change the ticket collection location?
Please go to the website and click Query> Edit> Submit to make edit changes.
3. When is the ticket collection deadline?
Ticket collection must be completed before boarding.
1. How to refund?
Please go to the website and click Order Inquiry> Order Inquiry> Order Cancellation, and click Order Inquiry> Space Inquiry> Cancel
2. Is there a handling fee for refunds?
A 15% handling fee will be charged for refunds. (In case of special climatic factors, no additional handling fee will be charged for refunds)
1. 退票已領取票券需寄到哪裡?
澎湖好行收 0906315953
2. 退票後款項什麼時候下來?
3. 便利商店的票券如何進行退票?
ibon(7-11)02-2659-9900(24 hr)
1. Is there a fixed seat? Is there a low-floor bus?
No fixed seats are arranged. When buying a ticket, you can choose whether you need a low-floor bus.
2. Where are the locations of the stop signs?
The download URLs of each station's location are provided below:
3. Can I bring my luggage on the bus? Can I bring pets in the car?
Luggage can be carried on the bus, but the space is limited and the seats will be narrower, so you can decide by yourself. Penghu Haohang does not allow pets on the bus.
4. Are there foreign languages ​​available?
The official website of Penghu Haoxing Lake has an online audio-visual guide. On the 5th and 20th of each month, the Penghu Haoxing Lake West Line has guides and commentators who can speak foreign languages.
5. Can the Penghu Travel Ticket be used as a proof of purchase?
The Penghu Travel Ticket can be used as a proof of purchase.