The business hours of Penghu Magong Airport Tourist Service Center are corrected as follows:
April-September: 8:00-20:00, October-March: 8:00-17:30
Location: Located on the right side of the exit of the arrival station on the first floor of Penghu Airport
Contact number: 06-9228115

The rest remain unchanged

Remarks (information on other places where tickets are collected):
Best Travel Agency
Business hours: Monday to Saturday 08:30-18:00 Closed on Sunday
Location: No. 65-1, Zhongshan Road, Magong City, Penghu County
Contact number: 06-9263035

Magong Terminal Passenger Transport Center
Business hours: 08:00-12:00 13:30-17:00
Location: 58-1 Minzu Road, Magong City, Penghu County
Contact number: 06-9272376