News 【Announcement】Buy a good trip package to travel Penghu easily in autumnwinter
Taiwan’s good trip "Ma Gong North Loop Line" and "Ma Gong Lake West Line" travel through Penghu's major classic attractions. The two routes are arranged to provide guides and commentaries. Tourists can experience the natural scenery and cultural customs of Penghu in depth. Take Penghu Taiwan Traveling is the easiest and best way to experience Penghu in depth. The county government sincerely invites you to purchase the Penghu Taiwan Travel Package to enjoy Penghu in autumn and winter!
Penghu Taiwan Hao trip still runs as usual in autumn and winter. Both routes are operated by cruise-style buses, one bus each a day, and private buses provide services to Penghu attractions. Attractions along the "Ma Gong Lake West Line", Penghu Visitor Center (next to the Pengguan Office), Lintou Shell Church, Nanliao Community, Nanliao Community, Beiliao Kuibi Mountain, Guoye Ash Kiln, and the recently opened trial operation of Longmen Close the position, and during the trial operation period (until the end of December 109), take the Penghu Haohang and visit the tunnel for free.
"Ma Palace North Loop" has must-see attractions in Baisha Township and Xiyu Township, such as Tongliang Ancient Banyan Tree, Yuweng Island Lighthouse, Daguoye Basalt Pillar, Erkan Settlement, Xiaomen Whale Cave and Cross-sea Bridge. Two-line operation, through the natural scenery of the Penghu island and the unique island humanities, provides tourists with multiple options for experience sightseeing, shaping the image of regional sightseeing, and attracting tourists to visit Penghu in autumn and winter.
This year, Penghu Taiwan Hao Xing launched three great value packages. The themes of the packages are Ma Gong North Loop Line "Penghu Fun Travel Package" and Ma Gong Lake West Line "Penghu Love Penghu Package" is expected to be issued on November 9th . The two routes will be issued in succession. The three packages all include Penghu Taiwan travel coupons, and integrate Penghu's local food, shopping, accommodation, travel and other store coupons, and the purchase of cultural and creative goods at the tourist office at the Penghu Ocean Geopark Center for more than 500 yuan. Gift voucher, welcome people to take a good trip to Penghu in autumn and winter
The Penghu County Government sincerely invites you to take a good trip to Penghu. There are a variety of theme packages to choose from, allowing you to enjoy Penghu easily. To make it easier for you to purchase tickets and travel more easily, you can now go through the official website of Penghu Haohang, Convenience Supermarket (7-11, Family Mart, Lalfu), KKDAY official website, Coke Tourism official website, Lions Tourism official website, and Penghu County Bus Terminal, etc. You are welcome to buy tickets through the channel, and you are welcome to buy tickets and make reservations! For more information, please visit the official website of "Penghu Hao Xing" ( or Facebook fans of "Penghu Hao Xing" pages.