News 【Announcement】Take a good trip to Taiwan to visit Penghu with high satisfaction
Penghu Haoxing takes the urban bus as the shuttle transport, and leads the passengers to visit the classic scenic spots in Baisha, Xiyu or west of Penghu. From January this year, two routes of Penghu Haoxing provide different types of tourism reception and guidance services. The North Ring Road of Magong arranges special personnel to guide by car, while the west line of Magong Lake gathers the strength of the community to provide localized interpretation and make differences in tourism services. In order to understand the satisfaction of passengers with the travel arrangement of Route 2, the Penghu County government handled an online questionnaire from January 1 to June 30, 111, as a reference for future travel planning and marketing promotion of Haoxing.
From January 1 to June 30 this year, although the general environment was affected by the epidemic, 1248 people were still served by the northern Ring Road and Huxi. During this period, a total of 305 people filled in the questionnaire. According to the questionnaire data, the majority of people who came to Penghu to travel this year and chose to take the bus were from Shuangbei and Taichung, up to 54.1% (20.3% in Taipei, 16.1% in Xinbei, and 17.7% in Taichung), It is similar to the questionnaire data analysis obtained by the county government in the past two years (August 109 to April 110, and August 110 to November 110). From this point of view, most of the tourists who come to Penghu to participate in the excursion are from the north.
In the part of travel satisfaction, the people who choose to take the Magong North Ring Road give a satisfaction rating of 98.7% and 97.3% respectively on the services provided by the driving and on-board guide of this route; The people who took the West Lake line to experience the local navigation gave 89.3% and 85.1% very satisfied affirmation to the reception and navigation services provided by Longmen closed position, Nanlao community and Guoye Huiyao 3 community. In addition, tourists used online voice navigation to listen to the interpretation of other scenic spots by themselves, accounting for 91.4% of tourists. It is obvious that the travel services provided by the two routes are different, which are well evaluated by the public's riding experience. From the perspective of service quality, they have created their own travel characteristics.
In addition, this time, we also learned about Tourists' preferences for tourist attractions through asking tickets. Among the six scenic spots on the North Ring Road, the great Tangye basalt pillar is the most impressive, accounting for 75%; About 80% of tourists on the West Lake line are most interested in Nanliao community. In addition, 95.4% of the tourists who participated in the Penghu Haoxing tour learned the Penghu Haoxing tour information through the Taiwan Haoxing tourism service website of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of transport, the official website of Penghu Haoxing and Penghu Haoxing Facebook, and nearly 80% of the people planned and chose to participate in the tour before arriving in Penghu.
Through the analysis of questionnaire data, the county government should not only continue to shape the uniqueness and reputation of Haoxing travel, but also strengthen Internet marketing and promotion, so as to improve the exposure of Haoxing and attract customers to experience. In the second half of the year, we will continue to conduct on-line satisfaction surveys. Please feel free to give suggestions. Fill in the ride satisfaction questionnaire and get a few qualifications. 10 lucky winners are randomly selected every month. A total of 60 lucky winners can get turtle zero wallets. The list of winners is expected to be published in Penghu Haoxing facebook fan group on the last day of each month (postponed to the first working day in case of holidays).