News 【Announcement】The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications launched the
Summer vacation~~~
Come to Penghu to feel the sunshine ☀️、 Beach, cactus
Remember to take # Penghu Haoxing # Magong north ring line # Magong lake west line????
| one ticket North Ring classic play through |
| one ticket, Huxi history and Humanities in one hand |
Uncle, aunt, brother, sister, friends and friends, hurry to buy tickets and make an appointment to experience the swelling lake, OK ~
The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of transport has also stepped up its launch in the summer vacation
"Taiwan's good travel around the island gathering fun"
Description of activity mode:
1. Take any good route on Taiwan's main island or off Island, scan QR code, and you can gather points. You can get a lucky draw every 3 points (and so on).
2. To get the chance to draw the lottery faster: all Taiwan's good routes are divided into "classic routes" and "recommended routes". If you take one "classic route" plus one "recommended route", you can add an extra yard.
3. There is another # hidden QR code every month, providing additional code collection points.
4. Quickly join to get activity information.
5. Penghu Haoxing # classic route Magong North Ring Road # recommended route Magong lake west line set point poster has been posted on Penghu Haoxing bus
The sooner you get points, the more chances you have to draw
Penghu Haoxing hidden version collection point
#From September to then, the editor will give you a hint!
      ☀️ This photo is a 7/6 ride record. Our tour guide not only explains professionally, but also takes photos attentively ❤️
Thank the tour guide Union for Taiwan Haoxing Penghu Hubei ring road
Thank you Huxi line
Guibi port Society
Tangye Community Development Association of Huxi Township, Penghu County
Gantry locked position
#Magong North Ring Road \magong lake west line \
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