News 【Announcement】The 112-year questionnaire sweepstakes has started
The Penghu County Government is able to understand the people on the bus
Satisfaction with the itinerary arrangement of Penghu Easy Travel 2 Route
From January 1, 2011 to December 31, apply for the online bus questionnaire~
????|Questionnaire Data Analysis|
1. People who travel to Penghu and choose to take a good bus: Most of them come from Shuangbei and Taichung.
2. Age groups for choosing a good trip to Penghu: the first is 40-49 years old, accounting for 27.1%, the second and third are 50-59, 30-39 years old, accounting for 20.3% and 18.6% respectively.
3. Tour satisfaction:
(1) Take the Magong North Ring Line:
A. The service provided by the car tour guide on this route is as high as 99.1%.
B. As high as 99.6% satisfied with the service provided by driving on this route.
(2) Take the Magong Lake West Line:
A. For the reception and guide services provided by the Longmen closed position, Nanliao community and Guoye Huiyao 3 community, each gave 98.4% satisfaction or above.
B. As high as 95.7% are satisfied with the service provided by driving on this route.
C. 85.8% of tourists are satisfied with the online audio guide system.
"112 Years of Online Car Riding Questionnaire, Continued"
Take Penghu Good Travel to fill out the online travel questionnaire and you will be eligible for the lucky draw. Please remember to fill in the blanks~
Monthly lucky draw, a total of 120 people, the lucky winner can get
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Suspension days: every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
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