1. After purchasing the ticket, please go to "I want to make a reservation" as soon as possible to complete the reservation to ensure that you can board the bus on the expected travel date.

2. Please make sure that the content you ordered is correct before making payment. Once the payment is completed, it is agreed to pay the fee, and the ticket for this transaction is deemed to be sold.

3. Once this ticket is sold, if you need to return or exchange the ticket, the relevant handling fee and handling method, please follow the relevant refund and exchange procedures announced by the organizer.

4. Those who need to purchase the Penghu Resident Ticket Love Ticket or Elderly Ticket, please present relevant supporting documents when collecting the physical ticket and boarding in accordance with the organizer's regulations.

5. One person, one ticket, boarding with the ticket, and the rest of the regulations are based on the organizer's announcement.

6. This physical ticket is regarded as an unregistered ticket. If the ticket is lost, damaged, burned, or unrecognizable, etc., the system will not reissue the ticket. The holder is required to take care of it. Request to make up the ticket.
7. If you cannot get on the bus on time due to being late, please follow the relevant regulations of the organizer. No refund or compensation can be requested for any reason.

8. If there are any temporary factors that lead to the cancellation of the trip, the organizer shall handle all matters concerning the rescheduling and refund of tickets. Please contact Line customer service: @845izxyb or check the latest announcement on the official website.

9. Please confirm the details of the ticket before purchasing the ticket, and please do not buy tickets from unknown sources to avoid damage to your own rights and interests. The organizer reserves the right to determine the legitimacy of the tickets.

10. Purchasing tickets means agreeing to abide by the above-mentioned rules. If the organizer violates the ticket usage rules and safety regulations of the organizer, the organizer has the right to refuse to board the bus. If the violation is serious and may affect public safety, the organizer will transfer The police handle.

11. For other unexplained matters, users should confirm by themselves that they have fully understood the organizer’s regulations and activities before using this system for transactions.

12. For customer service, please contact the official Line: @845izxyb