News 【Announcement】Penghu Good trip increases child fare discount
   When you come to Penghu, you will definitely arrange to visit the north ring road or the East Ring Road of Penghu island during your trip. It is most convenient for tourists to move on the island by renting locomotives or minibuses. You don't need to be exposed to the sun and rain, and you can solve the problem of not knowing the route to find the way. Penghu Haoxing bus, which is planned and operated in conjunction with the sightseeing route, is definitely the best choice to visit Penghu island! In order to market and promote the two routes of Penghu Haoxing, the county government has targeted the parent-child travel market. The Penghu County Government announced that from July 1, the discount for children's ticket prices will be increased, and the original ticket price will be 50% off (children over 115 cm but less than 150 cm tall, or children over 150 cm but less than 12 years old). Parents and children are sincerely welcome to choose Penghu Haoxing "Ma Gong North Ring Line" and "Ma Gong Hu west line".
Penghu Haoxing currently has two routes, "Ma Gong North Ring Road" and "Ma Gong Hu West Road", which are operated by mail wheel. The travel service is provided by the same train from the beginning to the end of the journey. With a Haoxing ticket, you can play with you, take you to eat, and let you see the north ring road or the east ring road. The travel schedule of each route is about 6 hours and a half. The places you visit are the classic scenic spots of Penghu, which is very worth participating in and experiencing.
Transportation tickets are currently planned as "one-day ticket" and "two-day ticket". The Tourism Department said that in order to promote the willingness of parents and children to take Penghu Haoxing, the discount for children's fares was relaxed (children over the age of 2 must buy a full ticket to take Penghu Haoxing). This adjustment is as follows:
Applicable half price discount: children over 115 cm but under 150 cm tall, or children over 150 cm but under 12 years old.
Applicable to free ride:
Children are less than 115 cm tall, or they are more than 115 cm tall but less than 6 years old (please buy half ticket for space holders).
Free children must be accompanied by passengers who have purchased full tickets or adults. Each passenger is limited to two free children. If the limit is exceeded, half a ticket should be purchased.
The one-day ticket of the North Ring Road is 400 yuan, and the discount ticket is 200 yuan (including Penghu nationality, the elderly, disabled and children); The one-day ticket of Huxi line is 350 yuan, and the preferential ticket price is 175 yuan (including Penghu nationality, the elderly, disabled and children); 2. If you want to experience the route, you can buy a two-day ticket with a full ticket of 680 yuan and a preferential ticket price of 340 yuan (including Penghu nationality, the elderly, disabled and children). I hereby call on those who hold preferential tickets to show relevant supporting documents for personal examination when taking the bus.
Penghu haohang tickets can be purchased at ticket offices such as Penghu haohang official website, convenience supermarket (7-11, family), KKDay, cola tourism, e-Travel, and Penghu County bus terminal. People are welcome to make more use of them. Kindly remind that you need to complete the online reservation procedure on the official website before 6 p.m. the day before the bus day at the latest!