News 【Announcement】Penghu schoolchildren experience Penghu good traveltravel along the Northern Ring Road
      In order to promote Penghu’s good travel itinerary to Penghu folks, the County Government Tourism Office cooperated with the Social Office to hold a winter creative art camp on February 10, and arranged for the county’s schoolchildren (low-income, low-middle-income households or other economically disadvantaged families to Priority), take the Penghu Haoxing bus to enjoy the Northern Ring Road.
      A total of 29 local schoolchildren and teaching assistants participated in this trip of the Haoxing North Ring Road. Through this activity, students can learn that public transportation is an option for traveling, and they will take actions to reduce carbon emissions. Among them, the shuttle bus to the scenic spots in Penghu is a good choice for practicing low-carbon tourism.
      The itinerary for the day is to visit the famous scenic spots in the North Ring Road. The driver of the bus and boat department will drive the bus to provide a safe and convenient ride experience; when you arrive at the scenic spot, a professional on-board tour guide who can tell local stories will give you a guide service , to receive the little VIPs who participated in the tour. Accompanied by the car guide, explore the scenic spots: Tongliang Ancient Banyan Tree, Yuweng Island Lighthouse, Daguoye Basalt Column, Erkan Settlement, Xiaomen Whale Cave and Cross-sea Bridge, etc. The itinerary is quite interesting, entertaining and educational. Schoolchildren know their hometown better. In addition, the facilities in the Haoxing bus are well established. The bus provides free WIFI, multi-language voice station name broadcast, and you can listen to the audio guide of multilingual scenic spots just by scanning the QRcode on the bus. travel experience.
      Penghu Haoxing bus is convenient and friendly, and the itinerary is rich and diverse. It is suitable for independent travelers to participate in. It is also very suitable for various government schools, villages (townships), or social welfare organizations to organize self-improvement activities, visits, or winter and summer camps. , Welcome everyone to buy tickets!
      The original price of the one-day ticket for the Penghu Haoxing North Lake Line is 400 yuan, and the price for the West Lake is 350 yuan; 115 centimeters but less than 150 centimeters, or 150 centimeters but less than 12 years old), can enjoy a 50% discount on the original fare.