News 【​Explore】 Penghu with YouTuber Chali by Taking Good Trip Bus

In order to market and promote Penghu Hao Xing, this year the county government cooperated with Cha Li, a Hong Kong Youtuber who has lived in Taiwan for five years, to produce a Hao Xing animated promotional video. Friends who like Cha Li, welcome to Penghu and follow Cha Li to Penghu Hao Xing Take the bus and enjoy Penghu!
This animation tells the story of Cha Li’s experience of traveling with her father from Hong Kong and catching a bus in Penghu. The plot is presented with the effect of the experience on that day, and through animation, photos and narration, the original flavor of the film is preserved Created in the style of tea, the animation is cute and cute, and the plot is rich without losing humor. It is hoped that it can promote Penghu tourism by promoting public transportation. Since the film premiered at 8 pm on October 21, it has been viewed 140,000 times. Leave a message, which is expected to help expand the various customer groups of Penghu Haoxing. Friends who are interested in coming to Penghu to experience Haoxing buses are welcome to click on ["Little Tea Animation" to go to Penghu with Hong Kong dad and visit 10 major attractions] .

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The "Magong North Loop" visits Baisha and Xiyu, and arranges on-board tour guides to provide in-car and attractions guidance and reception services. The tour goes to "Tongliang Ancient Banyan Tree", "Yuweng Island Lighthouse", "Big Fruit Leaf Basalt Column", " "Erkan Settlement", "Xiaomen Whale Cave" and "Cross-sea Bridge".
"Magong Lake West Line" visited "Nanliao Community", "Guoye Gray Kiln" and "Longmen Locking Position", and the commentators from each community were responsible for receiving and providing guided tours. In addition, in order to improve the educational and entertaining nature of this route, a visit to the "Penghu Marine Geopark Center" is arranged. In addition to viewing the exhibitions, you can also learn about the geology of Penghu, master the most detailed tourism information and experience VR in the indoor exhibition space.
The original price of a one-day pass for Beihuan is 400 yuan, and for Huxi is 350 yuan. If you want to experience both routes at the same time, you can buy a two-day pass, with a discounted price of 680 yuan. People from Penghu, seniors over 65 years old, and people with disabilities (including 1 necessary companion) ) and children over 115 cm tall but under 150 cm, or over 150 cm tall but under 12 years old, will receive a 50% discount on the original ticket price. In addition, holders of any Haoxing route ticket can also ride public buses in Penghu County for free (can be used on the day of boarding and one day after boarding).